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If you love travel and fashion, you probably enjoy seeing how people’s style differs around the world. Everyone has different traditional and modern dress from one country to the next. And it’s amazing to see how they differ and influence each other. Everyone knows at least a few world-famous fashion items that almost everyone brings back from their travels. From Panama hats to Dutch clogs, there are hundreds of traditional items that still look hot today. When you next go traveling, don’t forget to look out for these awesome clothing items that you can work into your everyday outfits.

Panama Hats

These famous hats aren’t from Panama at all – they’re from Ecuador. But they were first sold internationally from Panama, so that’s where the name comes from. These stylish hats are perfect for both men and women during the summer, but they look especially sharp on men. They’re light and breathable, so you can wear them when it’s scorching hot without overheating. You can match them with a casual outfit or with something smarter for both a practical and fashionable accessory.


Aran Sweaters

If the weather’s much too cold for a Panama hat, you might want a warm sweater instead. Lots of colder countries have their version of a wool sweater, from Iceland to Scotland. But it’s Aran sweaters, from Ireland, that most people have heard of. If you look at some of the examples on the Aran Sweaters Direct website, you’ll see that they’re more than just a knitted sweater. Original Aran sweaters were linked to clans and their identities, with each stitch having a specific meaning. You can see lots of different patterns on one sweater, made up of thousands of stitches.

“I Love NY” T-shirts

As far as history and fashion go, it’s not exactly haute couture. But it’s almost a requirement to come away from New York with a t-shirt that lets everyone know how much you love the Big Apple. Although there are types of traditional dress across the US, from Native American clothes to Amish dress, nothing says New York like one of these. They may be simple, but you can wear them with anything, from a skirt to jeans.



If you visit France, you have to come away with a genuine French beret. Of course, you can get beret style hats all over the world, from military uniforms to fashion stores. But if there’s one piece of clothing that’s symbolic of France it would be the beret. Perhaps it would be followed by the Little Black Dress. Speaking of which, a beret goes beautifully with your favorite LBD for some French chic.



Clogs are famously Dutch, but they’re also very popular in Sweden. Dutch clogs are made of wood while Swedish versions have a leather upper and come in a range of styles. You could have heels or flats in different colors and styles.

If you wanted to, you could travel the world and collect a piece of clothing from every country. These famous fashion must-haves are a good place to start.

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