Get The Look Of Your Favorite Celeb With These Hot Style Tips

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Ladies and gentlemen, there are people in this world that we admire. That we wish we could be and there is a name for them. They are the celebrities, the Hollywood elite if you will. In fact, you’ll find this particular blog is dedicated to finding the style of certain celebs. But, if you can’t find the one that you love, don’t worry. It’s easy to match your style to your favorite celebs and we have got the tips on how to do it.

Forget About Formal Wear

Look, we all know that when a celeb attends a formal party or celebration, they go all out. No matter what, you probably have no chance of getting their style here. Even if you could find what they were wearing, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to afford it. Besides, celebrities would never wear the same formal outfit more than once. So, no one will be able to tell you are wearing their style after a couple of weeks. If you want to make an impression you have to match the style that they choose when they are out and about. When they are living their personal lives, a celebrity has probably picked up outfits from the same stores that you visit. That makes it easy to copy their style because it’s readily available.

Find The Stores That Match

You can use a site like ours to find the exact clothes a celeb has been wearing. Or, you can use online stores to find near-identical replicas. For instance, have a look at Some of the jackets on sale here look quite familiar to the ones the male stars have been wearing in the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Style Your Hair

Do you want the bob of someone famous? It’s quite easy to achieve. Take a picture of the style they are rocking with you to the hairdressers. If they can, they’ll give you a cut and style as close as possible to what you show them. But be careful because not every style will match every person. You might not have thick enough hair to pull off the bangs that T Swift currently owns. If you’re a guy, it’s far easier. For instance, to get the Bieber look you just need to ask for a one or two on the sides and fading into a nine on the back. Then style it with product, lots and lots of product.

Be Realistic

Again, forget about the award shows and magazine covers. There is something called Photoshop and also a cake load of makeup. Do yourself a favor and search for your favourite celeb without makeup. You will feel a whole lot better trust me. Or, if you’re a guy, search for celeb bald spots and feel more confident in your hairline. We idolize celebs so much we forget they are human, just like us. Sometimes, it’s good to see that while they may look better than us they have had a lot of help.

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