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Can’t wait until next year to find out what fashion styles will be on trend? Well, we have a sneaky treat for you. Today we are looking into the future and scoping out what the hottest colors, patterns, materials, and styles are for 2015. Use this cheat sheet to plan your wardrobe in advance of spring next year. And, if you are really cunning, you might want to buy and wear these items now to show your friends that you are always one step ahead when it comes to fashion.


Red alert! Yes, red is THE color to be wearing now and in the foreseeable future. We don’t mean subtle reds, dark reds or pale reds, we mean bright, tomato red. Because this color is so vibrant, when creating an ensemble be sure to tone down every other component. Barely there makeup, minimal jewelry, and dainty strappy shoes will work best. With these minimal accessories, don’t be afraid to go head-to-toe in crimson. If you have a Christmas party coming up, turn heads in a crimson silk dress.

Black and white. It’s all about Monochrome next year. But it’s not just your standard black and white affair. Designers have put a modern spin on the traditional 60s color palette by creating futuristic and geometric patterns. The more intricate the pattern, the better. Your monochrome pieces, although detailed, are still plain enough to handle splashes of color and embellishment from your accessories and makeup

Khaki: Military colors have been predominant in many designers spring lines. Look for greens, browns, grays and camel colors. Combine these items with contrasting colors and materials. Think khaki pants with a black lace top or a gray, military skirt with a knitted black boob tube. Add a touch of glamor to your khaki ensemble with gold jewelry or a pair of stunning gold heels.

Yellow: We predict you will be seeing a lot of this color next spring. Don’t assume that yellow is not your color. With many shades from amber and gold to sunglow and canary, you are bound to find something that flatters you. Be bold with a long summer yellow dress or be subtle with yellow pops of color in your accessories.

White: And not just a little, head-to-toe! It is tricky to achieve an all-in-white outfit that looks chic. If you are brave enough to give it a go, opt for different shades of white, different textures and layer your items well.


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Tie-dye: Born in the 1960s and reincarnated for a brief period during the 1980s and 90s, tie-dye is officially back in 2015. Think thin materials, and layering and clashing of patterns and colors. Juxtapose your psychedelic inspired items with faux fur and suede materials in your overcoat and boots.

Florals:  You may be thinking: “what’s new?” Well, this year the floral patterns are bigger, bolder and brighter than ever. Stay clear of delicate floral patterns and opt for statement blooms. The more vivid the design and color, the better.

Check: Gingham clothing is going to be very popular next year. And, the smaller the check, the better. To avoid looking too twee, opt for structured sexy dresses and suits.

China blue: Seen a little this year, we think that this intricate blue and white pattern will carry on into 2015. This is a good pattern to wear if you want to make a statement but without using too much color. Look for dresses with detailed china blue patterns and combine with blue, red or silver shoes for a beautiful look.


 Denim: Let yourself be seduced by denim next year. You won’t just get away with wearing your denim jeans from last year; you need to be bolder with your use of this material. Look for long, fitted denim jackets, denim boiler suits and structured dresses. It is perfectly acceptable to wear double, and potentially triple, denim next year, as long as you wear it with style. Have a look for vintage clothing in different washes and shades of denim. The pieces look good together, especially when matched with silver chunky jewelry. However, the palette is plain enough to work very well with bright colored accessories and makeup.

Leather: Designers are encouraging us to wear leather next spring with plenty of light designs appearing on the catwalks. Light-weight long leather jackets in pale browns, short black leather tunic dresses and leather suits in bright colors are items to look out for.



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Seventies. Top designers have definitely got a penchant for this era at the moment. Seventies inspired ensembles were visible on many catwalks this winter. A seventies style can be achieved during the day with a pair of fitted, flared jeans and a simple tee. Or, a bohemian seventies look can be achieved with layered floor-length floral pieces, fur gilets, floppy hats and oversized sunglasses. For the evening, think sophisticated seventies with a very well-fitted black flared trouser suit. Finish this look off with smokey makeup and voluminous locks.

Sneakers: We witnessed a glimpse of sporty footwear at the end of the summer and predictions are that they will be out in full force next year. Many designers have transformed this form of practical footwear into works of art with embellishment, tweed material, and florals. Don’t be afraid to be quirky or mis-match your ensembles. A bright colored summer dress, patterned tights and a pair of glittery sneakers will have you looking like you’ve just walked off the catwalk.

Loose-fitting: It’s all about relaxed, floaty tunics and kaftan dresses next spring. Look for items that effortlessly fall of your body in a calm, carefree manner. Opt for light tones and pastel colors and if in doubt stick to neutral whites and creams.

Shirt-dresses: Wearing this style is a good way to incorporate many trendy styles of 2015. Think denim, monochrome or loose-fitting dresses.

Aprons: Believe it or not, aprons are on trend. It is a new layering technique promoted by many designers. To achieve this look, add a skirt, short or long, over a dress. Use different colors and textures in the skirt and dress for extra impact.

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