Different Ways to Style a Summer Dress

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So many people buy clothes to wear them only once and then throw them to the back of the wardrobe. I’m here to tell you that there’s no need. There are a load of different ways you can wear one item. In this post, we’ll focus on styling a summer dress. Hope you enjoy!

Denim Jacket and Dolly Shoes

By pairing your summer dress with a denim jacket and dolly shoes, you can make the look really pretty and girly. This sort of look is perfect for anything, from a walk to lunch with friends. If you’re feeling flirty, this could be the perfect way to style your summer dress. Best for a really warm day, but you could also add tights if the weather is cooler.

Leather Jacket and Biker Boots

This is probably my favorite way to style a summer dress; with a leather jacket and biker boots. These two items go perfect with a girly, floral summer dress as they help to toughen it up! Again, a look perfect for most occasions. You could wear it shopping, on a date, to the cinema, you name it!

Gladiator Sandals and Kimono

This look is great for a warm day, especially if you’re on holiday! Pair your summer dress with your favorite gladiator sandals and a kimono and you’re ready for a hot night in a sunny country. Also a great look for a barbecue or a day in the beer garden!

Casual Jumper and Trainers

If you want to dress down your summer dress, it’s easy enough to do that too. Simply throw on a casual jumper and trainers and you’re good to go. This is a great idea for when the weather is a little cooler, and you can even add tights or leggings. The perfect casual look that won’t make you look boring or frumpy.

Over a High Neck Top

Sometimes, it’s nice to wear your summer dress over another item to get a good layered look. I’ve looked at summer dresses online and a few of them are styled this way. High neck tops are everywhere, and you might just find your summer dress looks great thrown over the top. I’d then wear some nice pixie boots and some tights to complete the look. This sort of look is great for autumn/winter, and is sure to be popular with fashionistas everywhere. Layered looks are the best kind of looks!

Over a Bikini

If you’re heading to the beach, you could take your summer dress as a nice beach cover up. Taking a beach cover up is essential for when you go for food or a stroll, and summer dresses are the perfect solution.

What do you think of these ideas to style your summer dress? I hope you love them and they’ve helped you to wear your favorite dress more than once. If you have any styling tips of your own, remember to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading and see you back here soon!

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