Current Fall Makeup Trends Celebrities Love

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Is your makeup bag still containing remnants from summer? It’s coming up to the holiday season and you need to get your makeup to date. This time of year can be a great opportunity to make your look more dramatic, so why not try being bold. We’ve compiled a list of some current beauty trends for you to try that will make you look fabulous.

For the Lips:

Red lipstick was a huge feature on many of the Fall runways. It’s a classic colour that suits every skin tone and style. Already a firm favourite with many celebrities, it seems it is here to stay. It is versatile enough to suit both modern and vintage styles and makes a strong statement. Find a colour that suits you and always line with a lip line to keep the edges looking sharp. Team your lipstick with some black mascara on your lashes and a light pink blush for a fresh face and carefree look.

Dark lips are another huge trend, with black being the colour of choice. Black lipstick can be harder to wear and can look a bit Halloween if you aren’t careful. If you want to achieve this look without going for black, why not try dark purples and plum colours instead. They make a great alternative and do the job just as well. Again go for basic eye makeup with such a dramatic lip colour. Nudes and light browns are ideal colours to work with your statement lipstick, but keep it simple.

For the Face:

The popular contouring trend has been replaced by fresh but flushed looking skin. Buy shades of blush in soft rose colours to create this effect. Use a moisturiser that provides a light to medium coverage. The idea is to look fresh faced not dolled up. Keep your skin in good, clear condition by using suitable products and techniques. You can find top anti aging cream and other fantastic skin care products from suppliers such as Clarins.

For the Eyes:

Statement eyeliner was seen throughout the Fall shows. John Galliano and Anna Suit both featured models wearing experimental and fun looking eyeliner in the darkest blacks.

Black may seem like a boring option, but try it out in different ways. There are so many things you can try, from double wings to smudging it into the corners of your eyelids. Also, don’t just use liquid liner. You can also create great effects using liner pencils too. If you aren’t too adventurous you can just try and make your winged liner, extra bold. The thicker the better.

Glossy nude eyelids are an easy trend to recreate with products from your local drugstore. Choose brown or nude creme eyeshadows and sweep them across your eyelids. It doesn’t have to be perfect so make it look smudgy. You can also do this underneath your eye too if you wish. You can also achieve the glossy effect by putting a small amount of vaseline onto your eyelid and blending a powdered eyeshadow into it instead. This is a great everyday look you’ll love to create.

These are some of the current beauty trends currently being worn by your favourite celebrities. Get experimenting to achieve runway worthy looks you can wear every day.

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